Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The new obsession

Same as the old one. Sort of.

Moving on from Steve Coogan (not really, I'm still a bit obsessed with him), I have finally watched "Little Britain". OMG. Fantastic.

I thought it was a large ensemble cast until I watched the making of feature and realize it is two insane men (David Walliams, who had a turn as performance artist Vulva on the fantastic series Spaced, and Matt Lucas) who play the bulk of the characters with a small supporting cast. Tom Baker does the narration and his wonderful voice gives even the most ridiculous lines some sort of gravitas. It's really silly but smart, and smutty but not in a distracting way, and the characters have grown on me after just a day. Plus David Walliams is very good looking. V. V.

There are three series (seasons to us in the U.S.) of the show on DVD and I'm anxious to see the rest. School has begun however, and I have two discs of "Battlestar Gallactica" to watch thanks to my friend Ted.

But school has begun again and I'm taking 19 credits this semester! The classes are spread out (I'll explain it some day), so the work load will be manageable, but the pace is going to be faster than last semester. At the end of it I will be able to speak a bit of Spanish, if all goes well.
Anyhow, the lots of homework I'm anticipating should make it a little bit difficult to get all of the telly and film watching I was looking forward to, but there's nothing I can't watch later, right? Right.

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