Monday, January 15, 2007

Children of Men

I'm not sure what to say about Children of Men. Short version: GO SEE IT. Long version: I give it 5 stars out of 5. Not without problems, it's a really interesting looking film, although bleak. Alfonso Cuarón seems to prefer that dark look.

Last night I started reading the forum for CoM over at IMDb and there were several "This movie is stupid" threads, complaining that it wasn't realistic and that the story wasn't well crafted. Particularly galling were the comments that the filmakers were just too lazy to explain all of the story points fully. I couldn't help wondering what movie these fool ass motherfuckers people had seen, because I was riveted from the beginning of the film. I held my boyfriend's hand for the final 40 minutes of the film in part to stop myself from sobbing loudly. It was suspenseful and scary*.

Also the music was good (bf especially enjoyed the King Crimson), and the costuming was nice, the art direction notable. I liked how things were imperfect, but not overly so (although the refugee camp scenes were so squallid it was overwhelming [yet probably not unrealistic]).

I've seen it mentioned that there were two scenes which were single-shot - bf noticed it as well. Since I haven't read details, I can't say much about it here. But the photography was amazing.

Highly recommended.

*And this is before mentioning any of the political/social stuff in the film, much of which was absolutely terrifying.

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