Sunday, January 21, 2007


I've never seen this before. Our current weather forcast from the National Weather Service:

What exactly is Freezing Fog?

It's really coming down out there, HUGE fluffy flakes of snow. I shoveled for 15 min and had to stop because my poor frostbitten fingers were screaming at me. I can't find any of the warm polarfleece mittens we had around last winter. Must search again!

Really wanted to get out to see Pan's Labyrinth today but that doesn't seem as though it will happen. I've got 20 block roundtrip journey out to get the 7 year old to a friend's house for an afternoon of sledding, and I'm guessing that will be quite an adventure. Thank goodness for the normal parents who help him have a regular childhood.

Have to go back to family court tomorrow which is unpleasant, but lucky me, I have the anxiety of small group presentation in Speech and my examen primo en espanol I to assauge the pain beforehand.

Now that my fingers are working again I can go look for the mittens and get back out to the snow!

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