Sunday, December 24, 2006

Well, then

I wish I'd had a plan for today, but alas, I didn't. Woke up unspeakably early at bf's and we hung out in bed, not being able to sleep but not wanting to get up. He head out of town and I to the grocery store for more cookie ingredients and various supplies.

Came home and cleaned the kitchen (nothing short of a miracle) and then messed it up again with cookie baking. And then... Then the day just sort of slipped away. I read a book, a short novel, just 270-odd pages. And drank a glass of wine. The urge to stay home and not interact was so strong I went down to the bar in my basement (instead of going out to the liquor store for the booze of my choice) and found a bottle of wine that has been down there since before we moved in. It turned out to be a dry riesling, which is my new favourite! So perhaps I was meant to nest?

Took a wine-induced nap then got up and wrapped gifts, made a sausage-hashbrown casserole for tomorrow's brunch, cleaned up a bit, took out garbage, etc.

Now I've got more books to read (far too many), or DVDs to watch, or cleaning to do...

One day I will figure out how to negotiate all of this Christmas mess, life, etc., but today is not the day.

My bog I'm a glum one.

I'll have to write about my fantastic Festivus Dinner (although honestly we didn't call it that, it just fell on the 23rd) with bf and his roomies. It was a blast, with prezzies and everything.

When I whinged to bf about hating Christmas, he said (in his insensitve practical way), "It will be over soon." Yep, but in between being anticipated and being over, I still have to DO it.

Okay, I'll go be crabby about it over here for awhile. I think I'll read some more. Happy Sunday.

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