Friday, December 22, 2006

It's the most [adjective] time of the year


I'm not too thrilled at this time of year. The idea of spending time with my fam is torture, my friends are not around, bf is out of town (well, not until Sunday), kids are oot and aboot...

whinge whinge whinge.

On the upside I am DONE with school for a few weeks, looking forward to reading (I have a stack of books, mostly thrillers and mysteries, both of which I haven't read in a while) and watching movies (the library lets you take out 10 DVDs at a time, you know).
Cookie baking has gone well. I have to get pictures of all the cookies I've made. A few more left (gingerbread, kolachy, russian tea cakes and just maybe holiday nuggets, an old family favourite) and by Christmas eve I should be done.

Now I've got to get a very late dinner finished for me and the weeun. Ooh, I do hope he sleeps in tomorrow... I could use some quiet time.

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