Sunday, December 10, 2006

Some Families are Fun, some Dads are Funny

Via Ze Frank, Ray's Song. I've been feeling decidedly unfamilial lately, or at the least conflicted about my fam.

What is up? Started working on my paper (due in 8 days) this morning. Ugh. It's not so bad, I'm just not writing it. I was really worried about my Mass Comm grade because I got a B on an assignment. Feel better now. Damn it, I really care too much about grades.


I gotta go finish putting the lights on the tree and watching The Machinist. OMG, Christian Bale is a SKELETON in that film. He lost 60 pounds for the role. From the IMDb triva page for the film:
The producers of the film claim that Christian Bale dropped from about 180 pounds in weight down to about 120 pounds in weight to make this film. They also claim that Bale actually wanted to drop down to 100 pounds, but that they would not let him go below 120 out of fear that his health could be in too much danger if he did. His diet consisted of one can of tuna and an apple per day. His 63-pound weight loss is said to be a record for any actor for a movie role. He since gained the weight back for his role in Batman Begins (2005).
So far it's good and creepy.

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