Thursday, November 09, 2006

Let's talk about socks, baby...

Okay, it hasn't all been bad lately. I got three lovely pair of socks from Sock Dreams, and I'm happy with all three. Sock Dreams sells legwear of all kinds, but I've only picked up some OTK (over the knee) socks. I got a pair two years ago which I've worn so much one heel has a big hole. This time I picked up a pair of tube socks in bright blue (which I'm wearing) a thinner pair in light blue, and a pair of very long stripey socks. The stripey ones go up so high on my leg they look like tights. I wore them over tights on Monday and my legs were nice and toasty. They don't have a lot (if any, I should check the tag) elastic in the leg and after a second wearing were quite baggy. I liked the effect, it was like leg-long legwarmers!

If I could, I would buy 10-15 pair of socks from Sock Dreams and get rid of all of my other not so warm and not so well fitting socks. I've been much harder to heat the past few years, even being cold when it's hot out (oh, wait, that might have been at the height of my anemia this summer). Long socks are perfect because they cover up what is actually cold. These are dreamy, indeed.

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