Friday, November 03, 2006

It sounds like heaven to me

Man, I am in podcast heaven these days. has some great fiction and following the author's links for Brave Men Run (a wonderful story so far and a must listen for anyone who was 15 or so in 1985. The musical and political references alone are worth it.) by Matthew Wayne Selznick, I found his interesting blog and will be following his work.

Patrick McLean's How to Succeed in Evil is another fabulous find from, and highly recommended. These are both books that I look forward to owning as paper books and have delighted listening to as audio books. I've just started Brave Men Run (I'll be listening to chapter three this evening), and I've finished what's been published so far of How to Succeed in Evil.

I noticed recently links on Podiobooks saying "Parsec Nominee" or "Parsec Winner", and found out that "How to Succeed in Evil" one best long fiction and "Brave Men Run" was one of the other nominees in the category, and that is cool. The Nominees/Winners page is very cool as well, and has given me many things to put in my listening queue.

I cannot rec enough. Go check them out, subscribe to a few things, drop some money in the hat... My othejavascript:void(0)r podcast loves are Escape Pod ("The Science Fiction Podcast Magazine"), Pseudo Pod ("the sound of horror") and when I remember to listen, Sonic Society's Firefly stories. They take Joss Whedon's characters from the Firefly series and write new stories for them. A lot of the voice acting is good and reminds me of the series (no mean feat, really). They have "making of" interviews or round tables at the end of each episode, which I have found to be uniformly annoying, but they do give some interesting peeks at how these things are put together. I'm only listening to their "Old Wounds" story at the moment, but plan to catch up with others as well.

Honestly, I can't imagine listening to as much music as I do podcasts these days. I love having stories to fill my head with. I find that reading books is a bit difficult for me these days (including all of the reading I am doing for class), but listening to them is definitely something I can do. Check a podcast or two out and let me know how you liked (or didn't like) them!

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