Friday, November 03, 2006

Inbetween days

Our cat Maddie is sick. It's been a strange week, and yesterday I hit a wall. I'm getting the odd cold/flu thing that has been going around. So far it's a vague "ugh" feeling" accompanied by a sore throat and stuffy ears.

Wednesday I took Maddie to the vet because she's become a bit bony. After far too many blood tests, we've discovered that she doesn't have FIV or the Feline Leukemia virus, nor does she have hyper thyroidism. She doesn't appear to have cancer or diabetes, either. One more test for Toxoplasmosis is being run now.

I'm always torn about getting lots of tests done for my pets because usually I can't afford them and if it were something which needed agressive treatment I wouldn't be able to provide the treatment anyway. But if it is Toxoplasmosis it is something we can treat and be done with it. If it's not, we have to figure out what's next.

Luckily she is in a good mood, soaking up the attention we are giving her, and eating and drinking well.

As for me, I'm trying to shake off this very sad mood and just be okay with the "fineness" of this moment. I can sleep in tomorrow and hopefully will feel a bit more cheerful.

UPDATE: I gave her the first of 14 doses of antibiotic and am not looking forward to the next 13. The medicine has absolutely no masking or texture agents. It's simply the antibiotic in an alcohol and water solution. It tastes like BLECH mixed with everclear (yes, I tasted it). Yuck. Poor kitty!

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