Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Banana Muffins with Granola

I took my favourite banana bread recipe and added 3/4 Cup of homemade granola. I baked them in mini muffin tins (for 15 minutes) and got 3 doz mini muffins out of one recipe. I don't have that many now, but if you didn't eat any, you could have that many.

Sprinkling granola on top was an aesthetically pleasing and tasty touch. Using 3/4 Cup of granola added a stronger taste as well. I was happy to find that my homemade granola had stayed so fresh since I used it last - it does need to be used up, however, so I'm thinking of things I can do with it. Oh, as a crust for apple dessert, or a topping for apple crisp! Yum. The flavours of toasted almond, coconut and honey really mingle well with age.

After I popped the muffins into the oven I had a bowl of granola with milk. Yum.

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