Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What has Lavalady been up to? The food post

This past week I made some very tasty victuals.

A delicious chili con carne with beer (Tyranena's Porter) and chocolate on Tuesday.

Chili, Ted style (no sour cream!)

An amazing beef stew (also with beer, it contained a can of Guinness Stout) on Friday.

Beef Stew!
The stew was accompanied by an apple pie-thingy. My ten-year-old called it an apple calzone.

Yesterday there was a fantastic lamb casserole dish, which was recreated from a delicious meal I had in Armenia many many years ago.
Armenian style lamb dish
If only I had some Lavash!!! Bf is on alert to find me some the next time he goes to Chicago.

Oot and Aboot

Boys IMG_7175 and I ventured out with my friend TedIMG_7174 to see what they had in store at the Eplegaarden.
It was cold and I was underdressed, so I remember being very crabby.

The boys took a horse-drawn carriage ride around the orchards and pumpkin patch, while Ted and I shot the breeze and I took pictures of all of the marvelously dilapidated farm stuff there
was around. IMG_7181

Ted treated me to a bag of golden russet apples IMG_7225(they are a hard eating apple with a difficult to describe almost orange blossom flavour and a rough skin like a russet potato) and a chunk of his honeycrisps. Yum!

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