Thursday, October 19, 2006

Creative non-writing

I woke up just now because I was too hot - the weather has been overcast and rainy, and although not all that cold in temperature, I've had a chill in my bones each evening which drives me to bundle up as I go to sleep. Nearly every morning, however, the accumulated body heat under the blankets has me burning up. Oh for a happy medium.

Now awake, I padded downstairs to take care of some business. While downstairs I decide to pick up a bit (as I have a showing today, yay). And I notice our cat Maddie crouched down by her food dish. While I'm working on picking up and putting dishes away and the like, a very nebulous idea for a ghost story comes to mind. Maddie has always been funny about eating; she likes to have someone in the kitchen with her whe she eats. And she is a bit thin as well. So I'm thinking of a kitchen ghost haunting only the cat. Very nebulous at this point.

Knowing I haven't (or assuming so), I won't ask here "Did I ever tell you about how my ex husband found one of my blogs?", but he did. It had an effect on how I felt about writing things that were close to my heart. Oddly, I knew he had but he never said, and I got third party confirmation months later. I understand that when I write stuff and publish it like this, it's out there, but it's awkward just the same.

So...less writing for me these days, both because of a desire for more privacy and an inability to express what's on my mind.

At the very least, I should write that if I were capable of doing cartwheels, I would have been springing up and doing them spontaneously all this week. I would like to tell someone of this happy feeling, but I imagine it would only be a few unintelligible words and much wild gesticulating, and then those cartwheels.

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