Monday, October 23, 2006

I really hate that

I've been posting comments on blogs recently, and having those comments either ignored by the blogger or removed by them*. WTF? It's been women bloggers doing this, and mostly women of colour. Did I offend most of the brown women in the world? Did my Brown Card expire? I'm not sure what I did. To be fair, one of the bloggers is even more self-centered than I**, I get that she didn't want to hear my story of commiseration, she wanted to be the only victim.

Fortunately the world is full of cool women and otherwise sexed people of all sorts of hues. Hats off to y'all.

* If I hadn't had seen my comment there one day gone the next, I'd think it were an accident.

** Yes, it is possible.

Several hours later. Sigh. I almost want to delete this post. I had very hurt feelings when I wrote it. Curious, because the person who "hurt" them isn't someone I am close to in any way. While I wanted to like her, I never got there and this made it clear I won't, so I'll let go of that desire.

Also, I don't always reply to comments, so perhaps I'm taking it too personally (no, never!).

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