Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh hell

So apparently my way of approaching school is this: pick one class that is "hard". Focus most of my attention on that class. Avoid doing work for other classes (mostly reading, oddly enough, because I love to read, I should be doing it, right?) to give self more time to do work for "hard" class, which, in reality isn't much more difficult than other classes.

The biggest part of this may be that I'm actually seeing this semester as turning out "okay" after all is said and done.

I am WAY too hard on myself.


It's weird.

More disturbing? Both of my kids are hard on themselves like I am hard on me. Both are exceptional students. Older excelling in math and science, younger excelling in reading and math. Both think they could do much better.

That scares the hell out of me.

Best approach? If you are me, it's renting the first disc of LOST 2nd season, and cursing yourself for not just renting a couple more (or better yet buying the damn thing), 6 chapters of reading be damned.

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