Thursday, September 07, 2006

LOST Season 2


I've got some INSANE insomnia going on. I've been up since 1 am! I *did* get to bed before 9 last night, but COME ON!!!

So, it turned out to be a good thing that I broke down and rented disc two of the second season of LOST. I've been lamenting the heyday of the early 90s when there were so many shows with coloured people (okay, I suppose it was nearly all black people, so it wasn't perfect). Not only as the token best friend or sassy office mate, but entire shows about them (I'm thinking of "Living Single" here). And the ones I can think of were all comedy shows.

But Season 2 of LOST is full of stories of brown people and I like that very much.

Also, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko) is fine like wine! [Apparently, he was the latest of the LOST cast to be charged with traffic violations. The list is a long one, check it out here.]

But why they gotta have the black man walking around without his shirt on? No, I'm not complaining about having to see his body. Yes, he's not the only cast member to walk around half nekkid, but I reserve the right to be...curious.

The bitchy blonde I was complaining about when I first watched Season 1 has met her end, right when she was redeemed in my eyes. The writers seem to have hit their stride with the cast from Season 1 - although the Kate/Sawyer/Jack triad needs something. I could live with a threesome, but I'm guessing it will be a bit more tame.

In other DVD news, Arrested Development fans should RUN out now and buy Season 3. There are some amazing bits in it. I can't imagine they actually thought they'd be picked up for another season, they are throwing story lines and crazy bits around like candy. I'm about halfway through the 13 episodes and I've laughed out loud plenty of times. Scott Baio is great as Bob Loblaw, and there was a silly joke about his blog. David Cross delivers the line, "...Bob Loblaw's Law Blog..." with aplomb (seriously, say it out loud - LOLZ, innit?)!

To bring it back where we started: I'm buzzing from my 3:30 am cup of coffee. I need to go clean my house. I'll have to post about the 5 year old halloween outfit I found while cleaning up this morning. I'm wearing it now! It's cute.

Lastly - why does Blogger spell check not know the word BLOG?

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