Monday, August 21, 2006


Happy belated 92nd Birthday to my grandfather. BF ventured out with kids and I to the birthday gala yesterday. It was nice.

My stomachache has turned into a really bad backache (think imobilizing pain - I'm trying to stay still and relax), and if I get a fever, I'll be convinced I have appendicitis!

Right now I've really rotten late August air bourne allergies (and a little alliteration to boot)!

School news: I dropped a night class I wasn't all that keen on for a variety of reasons (different instructor than I'd thought I'd have being most compelling) and added my first online class, which I'm a bit nervous about - it's 4 credits, for one thing - which is called "Intro to Mass Communication". One thing that interested me, besides not having to go to class, was that we are to write 'blog entries' each week. And get this: they need to be 300 words. Theoretically, I can write that in my sleep. Plus we are looking at mass media, which is something I would like to do on my own (in an organized fashion) but find myself easily overwhelmed. And think of it, I'll have to watch TV as HOMEWORK. Hooray!

Oddly, my school year starts before the boys' does. Hmmmm.

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