Saturday, August 19, 2006

Escape from my Psuedopod!

I'd promised a post about some new podcasts, and here it is.

Escapepod is a GREAT Science Fiction podcast. Really good stories by published authors from all over the place. I'm busy downloading all of the stories my iTunes didn't pick up (they've been at it for over a year).

Pseudopod is a newer, all horror sister podcast to Escapepod.

Escapepod rates each story as films in the US are rated, and gives a little info about how each story is rated. There is another feed, Escapepod Classic, which features only PG and G stories.

There are also a few X-rated stories on Escapepod (towards which I gravitated immediately).

I also *finally* listened to a local podcast I've known about for a long time, Polyamory Weekly. It's usually hosted by Cunningminx, but the one I chose just happened to be hosted by Graydancer (who has his own podcast, Rope Weekly). I'll have to check it out again to hear her. I have to admit to a fascination with polyamory, which started out as a kind of joke but has turned into an earnest interest. It solves my sluttiness problem pretty well (apparently ethical sluttery works really well for some), but I don't know how it might intersect with my jealousy/insecurity problems.

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