Thursday, August 24, 2006


I finally borrowed the first season of LOST from my bf (bad back giving me the excuse to watch copious amounts of TV but nothing worth watching on TV).

Four episodes in and I'm starting to actually like the show. Although there are still these little things that niggle at me and annoy. The wheelchair (symbol of the past for one of the characters) that is mere feet away from the huge funeral pyre. Um, no one thought "Hey, we might need that someday!", and moved it away from the fire? Also, there are precious few discussions of food and shelter, which, although they could be dull, seem to me essential. I want to know HOW they survive, not just believe that they figure it all out. And where the hell do they do their dirty sinfull business?

These are the same questions I had when I'd catch LOST on TV, and none of the fancy story telling (or the oh my god I never noticed how beautiful she was Evangeline Lily) are going to stop me from wanting to know the answers.

When does the whiny blond get it? I'm starting ep 5-9 now...

Edit... I forgot to say this: Naveen Andrews? HUBBA HUBBA.

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