Sunday, August 27, 2006

It Feels Like Heaven to Me

Obsessing over the LOST universe... I've got just a few eps of Season one to go, and then the first two eps of Season two gleaned from the bf's tivo this weekend... and THEN renting the rest of the discs when Season two is out on dvd (Sept 5).

Season three doesn't start until October, so I should be all caught up...

Breakfast today was a slice of flourless chocolate cake and some hot black coffee.

Elevenses? Two kinds of quiche.

Lunch... That must have happened at dinner time. Jambalaya, my first attempt at it.

And dinner just now, an apple and some peanut butter.

Spent a good deal of today draped over one or another of the couches at the bf's place, it was a lazy, thank-bog-for-movie-channels kind of a day. Regrouping, going to look at a really neat apartment, eating well and napping during "I, Robot" kind of a day...

A little slice of heaven kind of a day.

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