Saturday, August 12, 2006

Java Cat

My seven year old is kind of spoiled*. It's easy to take him out to eat, and he's got this crazy sweet tooth. For some reason I let him indulge in it way more than I ought to. Perhaps because I was so strict for such a long time - and honestly, both of my kids are not horrible eaters, most of the time they are quite good.

We've been going to Java Cat at least once a week lately. I've discovered their dark roast, which I just realized yesterday is what I've been buying to use at home (Just Coffee's MayaSuperDark, which is yummy and smooth). Until I started drinking their dark roast, I was thinking of not going anymore. I am NOT a fan of their regular coffee. It is just BLAH. But the atmosphere is nice, and the bakery is tasty [and well priced, as are their other food items].

And we found out you get a small dish of gelato free on your birthday.

* I told him this yesterday and he was offended, as he had a right to be. It was unfair of me to say. He's not spoiled, it's more that he's lucky (or unfortunate, depending on your perspective) and gets what he wants sometimes.

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