Saturday, August 12, 2006

Angelic Eats

A chicken salad with a fake Mexican-sounding name

Obscenely topped Nachos

Miss P and Mister B both got the veggie burgers. They looked really tasty.

Three weeks ago (already?! time flies), the bf and I met up with his hs friend Miss P and her hubby (Mister B if we extend the naming convention) and new baby (Lil N). We met them at the Angelic, where the 5 of us drank beer and ate lunch (the baby did both at the same time, via breastmilk, although she wouldn't have gotten any alcohol, really - hops are very good for breast milk production, you know).

The Angelic used to be a brew pub, but now it's a bar that happens to serve a lot of local beers. That was nice, being able to choose from a variety of locally brewed stuff.

The Ale Asylum is run by a former Angelic brewer, and their beers are featured. Tasty! I should link to them now, as well as giving a brief review or bit of history, but I'm lazy.

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