Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's still baking...

It's still baking to get the pre-made/rolled-up refrigerated pie crust and frozen blueberries and make yourself a "back to school" blueberry pie.

And even though you think "I should feel badly for not whipping up a fresh pie crust or using fresh blueberries", in reality you DON'T CARE, because for less than $5 American and 10 minutes of effort, you have a FUCKING BLUEBERRY PIE to eat.

And when losing your mind in the middle of the day (I know I lost my mind for awhile because I turned on the TV and watched 15 minutes of "What I Like About You" starring Amanda Bynes), a slice of pie and some vanilla ice cream will snap you out of it. Plus, your mouth might turn a little blue!

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