Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Have fallen off face of earth, please send chocolate

School started for me yesterday. That along with a general glut of life related responsibilities means I have been instantly transformed into a zombified, humourless homework doing autonomaton.

At least until LOST comes out on DVD. Then I will be a zombified, humourless homework-rushing-through-so-I-can-watch-LOST autonomaton.

I am so goddamn tired, but I have a few more pages to read. Methinks I'm taking too many notes, but it may be the only way I'll 'get' this stuff. Hand cramps!

Time for a glass of water and a piece of candy. I get to sleep when I'm finished!!

Update, 1:22 am: I never did eat my candy... but I'm finally drinking that water now. AND I get to go to sleep soon. IF I can fall asleep, that is.

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