Monday, July 03, 2006

I will eat this hamster

I am living testatment to the fact that a little cute goes a long way (hee, I wasn't talking about myself, but I think I do use well the cute I can muster up most days!).

To wit: I've been reading celeb. fashion talk and gossip for a couple of months and notice that it relaxes me. Sometimes I like to know just what Britney is up to. A week or so ago I discovered Cute Overload, which takes me out of the most horrible cynical mood pretty quickly. Today I'm in a great mood, only made better by this:

OMG, teh cutes.

Which reminds me, I should have incorporated Hoisin sauce into my fish dish of the other evening, but I forgot I had some! I'm thinking of grilling tonight, maybe I can use it on something then...

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