Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sesame fish, Broccoli w/carrots and red pepper

AKA last night's dinner

I'd had some fish marinating in a mixture of teriayki sauce, rice wine vinegar, fresh garlic and ginger. It ended up sitting in the fridge for an extra day or so, but I'd put the fish in the marinating mixture frozen, as well as vacuum packing the stuff, so it was airtight. It was just fine when I took it out of the package.

The next steps:

  1. Poured some sesame seeds on a place and pressed each side of the piece of fish in them. I placed the coated fish on a well greased cookie sheet.
  2. Cut up two carrots, sliced long diagonally, and a bag of broccoli florets, pre-cut (I've been so disinterested in cooking, these half-way done options are helpful). Sliced half a red bell peppers into thin strips.
  3. Put fish in oven. I think it was in there at 350 F for maybe 10 minutes, but I can't remember.
  4. Boiled water for rice vermicelli.
  5. Put a few tablespoons of water in the bowl with broccoli and carrots, nuked for 2 minutes. Poured some oil into a large saute pan, began heating.
  6. Put together some teriyaki, rice wine vinegar, sugar, garlic, and fresh ginger in a small saucepan and warmed. Mixed a teaspoon or so of corn starch in some cold water.
  7. Turned the oven to broil, set timer for 3 minutes. Put the rice vermicelli in the boiling water, turned the heat off underneath.
  8. Put the now lightly steamed broccoli and carrot in the heated pan and stir-fried them, throwing the red pepper slices in at the end. Drained the rice noodle. Turned sauce up to boiling point, slowly adding the cornstarch/water mixture.
  9. Pulled the fish from the oven.
Not a bad dinner (tasty, nutritious and cheap). I wish I had a dishwasher, though. I'm thoroughly tired of washing dishes by hand.

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