Friday, July 28, 2006

Also, if you were born in 1972, or are a gemini

Good chance I'll love you too.

Watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and it's very funny. I think I have a crush on John Cho (Harold). And looking on his IMDb page, I see there will be a sequel to HaKgtWC - Only this time, they go to Amsterdam! <--that's an ironic exclamation mark, btw.

John Cho is a gemini born in 1972. Josh Rouse (who is kind of getting snooty but I still like his old stuff) was born in 1972. My bf was born in 1972, as was a good friend of mine.

I'm dillydallying, right now I'm supposed to be digging up Christmas stuff to sell at my garage sale...

Among a million other things.

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