Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a Beautiful Day

Although it started out with my very-annoying-to-some-people two-hour nap, the day has been a good one. The weather, after so many days of humidity and rain, is perfect: sunny, breezy, warm but dry. Our (the boy and I) spirits are high and we had a great picnic on the lawn of the State Capitol, then we went inside and looked around for awhile.

After we'd had our fill (the Wisconsin Supreme Court Room [gallery, chamber?] is awesome, but tiny), we moved on to the Veteran's Museum. Seeing as I am pretty much a pacifist and not a history/strategy buff, I know I didn't appreciate the museum as much as the bf would have, but I was fascinated by what was shown, and by the detail of the descriptions for items and battles. It's a place made for someone with a longer attention span than either I or the boy had with us today. But a good place to finally check out.

We hung out downtown for another hour or so and got Italian sodas and walked until I tuckered him out.

It's still a beautiful day and I just finished loading the dishwasher after the two of us cleaned up the living room and I mopped. The boy's room is a disaster, and we need to get in there and really clean it, but that's for another day.

Today we are just recovering from our fine day out and preparing for a nice evening together. Yay us! We are surviving the first week of summer break. Not just surviving, but doing rather well for ourselves.

I will write about our bowling adventures later on!

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