Monday, May 19, 2008

Not out of the woods

I'm feeling incredibly sad today. I couldn't sleep last night, so I know it's partly lack of sleep (it decreases my emotional resilience to miss as much sleep as I did last night).

But it's also a slap in the face for me since I've been feeling SO MUCH BETTER the past several weeks. I know I won't always feel as lousy as I do today, but I'd really, really, really like to be feeling better.

What makes it worse this week is that I'm having trouble reaching out - I hate to admit that I still need so much from people. Right now I'm following the HALT plan. I'm asking myself if I am: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. I was/am hungry, so I'm going to eat a bit more, and then I'm going to take a nap, because I am definitely tired.

And when I wake up, I'll do my best to work on Lonely (that's the toughest one for me).

One step at a time, one moment at a time.

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