Monday, March 10, 2008

Nice White Lady

This is very funny. Mad TV has always had a good mix of race/ethnicity in it's cast members compared to other ensemble comedy shows. I saw this on tv when it aired, I think, or someone pointed me to it on the web awhile ago. It's a stab at the genre of movies like (omg, blank out completely because I haven't seen any of them)...the one with Michelle Pfeiffer, or the music one (to be fair that was multicultural, wasn't Angela Bassett in that with Meryl Streep?), or the more recent one, the woman who was in the boxing movie...anyhow, films in which the nice white lady teacher touches the heart of inner city minority kids.

It even makes me a little uncomfortable (but look for the kids sharpening their knives on their guns, I laughed so hard!), so it must speak some truth.

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