Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today = FAIL, until we bake these

Okay, I'm in total FAIL mode today. I have been sitting in nearly the same place the entire day. It's no good. I couldn't tell you why either. Could it be because... my apartment is cold? It's really chilly in here, as the heat hasn't been on for hours.

Funny enough, I'm not judging myself about it (although I can imagine everyone else is). I know I sometimes have downtime. I just didn't expect it to happen today.

Anyhow, although the first half of the day appears to be a complete wash, the second half looks promising.

I've decided to bake some Raspberry Almond Shortbread cookies from Culinary in the Desert. I read Joe's blog regularly via my rss aggregator, and I'm looking forward to trying this recipe. It's time to do a little baking with the boy. Since the dough needs to chill I can make the dough before I pick him up from school and he and I can shape and bake the cookies later! I picked up some sour cherry jam, so my cookies will actually be Sour Cherry Almond Shortbread! YUM. I'm getting excited about them. And they contain no eggs! WIN.

The boy is grounded from TV for the week (or as long as I can stand it) and this will give us something fun to do (other activities planned are homework, bath, reading).

I've got one short project to do for class as well this evening, and should probably work on straightening the boy's room. Okay, I'll do *that* project in a moment. At least start it. See, not a total FAIL. Yay!

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