Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great Day

I'm not sure why I titled this post Great Day. It's been a pretty plain day today. Nothing exciting has happened, at all, to be honest with you.

Except I *finally* started my first writing assignment for my online class. I have this thing, I guess it's technically a problem being a procrastinator, where starting a writing project is just so daunting. Once I did the basic framework, the words flowed well. It's just getting to "go" which is difficult for me.

Last night my friend T and I baked in tandem, he a pumpkin apple bread, and I a batch of "no cow" brownies from "Baking Without Eggs". Both were delicious!

Tomorrow there is no school for anyone in our house, which, with the cold cold weather and the newly predicted snow fall, is good news indeed. I'm not sure what we will do in observation of MLK Day, but I'll let you know.

Now I've got to finish up my assignment, get it posted, and get back to thinking about what is for dinner.

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