Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the mend

It's getting better, this viral whatsits of mine. The nice doctor called last night and said that although one of the tests came back indicating that *yes* I'd been exposed to or had the mumps in the past, the other test which would determine if I was actually suffering from the mumps won't come back for a couple more weeks at the soonest.

So, probably I didn't have the mumps.

Thankfully I am generally a very healthy person and should count my blessings, which I am going to be doing later.

Right now I'm packing up the suitcase of fun I packed yesterday afternoon just in case the snow didn't stop. It did stop, so we are not snowbound today (yeah, I admit to being a bit disappointed), which means I have to go home in a few minutes.

So off I go.

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