Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best of the Autonymph 2007: Film review

I was looking through my stats and saw that someone had looked at my Shrek the Third film review, entitled: A Third Dissapointment.

Shrek the Third is a technical masterpiece. I kept wondering at the texture of Shrek's skin, the different state of Puss in Boots fur, and Prince Charming's bouncy and behaving hair.

And for an hour and a half, I kept thinking about how white the world of Far Far Away is. Beside Eddie Murphy, there are no black voice actors in the film. Antonio Banderas (who is technically white, let's not forget) is the only other bit of colour in the acting roster.

And yes, I'm sure the argument that it's based on European fairy tales, so why not have all of the characters be European* looking will be put up against my complaint? Por que, you may ask? Why should they include non-white characters? Porque si. Just because. (*Also, Europeans come in many shades. See: Antonio Banderas.)

Reading that post again, it struck me that it was one of the best posts of the year here at The Autonymph. And although I don't think I have that many to brag about, I am going to look for one best of post a day for the next 4 days.

Another film review I think might be worth your time is here. It's about the Korean film "Gwoemul (The Host)" and explains it better than the trailers did (I was telling someone about this film a few weeks ago and thought I'd like to watch it again).

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