Monday, November 05, 2007

The inevitable

Well, the inevitable has come.

I'm talking about WINTER.

As I got out of my friend's car (she drove me home after Spanish class), I noticed precipitation on my sleeve. Frozen precipitation. I looked up and suddenly all around me were snowflakes.

I guess this also means I have to turn on the heat. I haven't yet, or more correctly, haven't had to, because it's been between 71 and 74 degrees even as the temperatures out of doors has dropped to near freezing. But today there are blowing winds and snow, and that means we are going to be using the heat very soon. I wonder if we can go another day or two without... The only problem I see is that there is some cold air coming in around the edges of the window. I think I'll go out and get some of the putty sealer stuff to put around the cracks.

And hope the downstairs neighbors keep their apartment warm and it drifts upwards.

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