Monday, November 19, 2007

8 Divided by 21

So I've been working my not-weight-loss-diet-but-trying-to-lose-a-bit-of-weight thing for 21 days as of today. So far so dancing-on-the-edge-of-obsessive-behaviour. It's sick and wrong and that's why I didn't want to even focus on weight loss at all.

But otherwise things are fine and I'm eating well and eating all food groups and having a nice time doing it. This morning I'm trying to stay away from the computer because I'm way behind on my anthropology writing and need to have a paper done in far too few days plus there is an exam in Spanish today and what I'd love is to get on the bus and get to school early and find a corner and study. But I get caught up at home and don't often make it in early. :(

I'd have less of a problem if I didn't have an inspection at the apartment later. I feel as though I need to clean up a bit. Pride, etc.
Oh, actually, I remember now, I need to drop something off after school which requires that I drive in, so I have some flexibility there. It takes me less time taking the bus but I have two chances an hour to catch it as opposed to whenever I choose to hop in the car. I think I'll try to get to school by 10, which will give me three good hours in which to study and a half an hour to catch my Anthro prof to chat about life.

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