Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm watching the Emmy's!?!?

Wow, who would have though I would be sitting here watching the Emmy's tonight?
It's because of my new obsession with The Office (up for 9 awards). The two actors up for Best Female and Male Supporting (Comedy) from the show didn't win.

There was a nice little bit about Roots which Queen Latifah introduced. I've got two things to say about the bit:
  1. I LOVE Queen Latifah. You know how people are always saying (lately) that they love someone but 'not in a gay way'? I love Queen Latifah in the gayest way possible. I remember once talking to someone about how I loved her, and I BLUSHED. Yep, it's serious. Tonight she was wearing a red dress (which she ROCKED) and I was looking at her breasts half of the time. She is beautiful, and strong, and I just love her.
  2. It's been 30 years, maybe I'm ready to watch ROOTS? That show scared the stuffing out of me when it originally aired, and I couldn't watch it. When I was watching the scenes they were showing this evening, I was struck by all of the wonderful actors they had in the show - it's hard to imagine such a great cast of black actors being put together for a similar show these days. Also, I remember John Amos from Good Times and he must have been REALLY young then, because he looks damn good now.
I am not very motivated to watch the rest of the show, but inertia is a factor.


Marianne said...

I watched the Emmy's, too! I was hoping the actor and actress from The Office would win. And, I adore Queen Lah. She is truly fabulous.

LavaLady said...

She really is. The Emmy's were so strange. I actually liked a lot of the clothing (Terry O'Quinn from LOST was wearing the craziest shirt and tie, but I thought he pulled it off!).