Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm not pregnant

Today I took a nap and had a dream.

In the dream I found out I was pregnant! Not like "oh, I've just become pregnant" finding out, but rather, "Oh, I'm six months pregnant!" And OTHER PEOPLE KNEW, BUT I DIDN'T.

Freaky, huh?

You know what is even weirder? On the drive to the grocery store this evening, the 8 Year Old told me his dad is engaged, and even though his father told him not to tell me, I also found out that she is pregnant. Very pregnant, apparently.

That guy is redonkulous, not telling me this stuff, and worse to make his 8 year old promise to not tell his own mother.

But sing it high unto the heavens, I am NOT pregnant.

(I have to admit that I loved being pregnant with both of the boys and in a perfect world would have another kid and have a big happy family, but we all know this isn't a perfect world, and I'm not destined to have a big happy family.)

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