Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vanity, fair or foul

Okay, so I've been taking pictures of myself again - I used to, A LOT, along with pictures of other stuff. Bf would always make fun of me (which wasn't very nice, btw) for taking self portraits, and eventually I got depressed enough that I didn't want to take pictures of anything. So... I see my return to self-portraiture, as it is, as a positive development.

And my hair looked SUPER CUTE yesterday. I have yet to try the Mixed Chicks products, or Miss Jessies Curly Pudding, or the recommended products from Naturally, but I've taken to not using shampoo each time I wash my hair (the "no poo" approach to naturally curly hair care), and it's helped!

The picture above isn't great, but it kind of shows how cute my hair was. A little.

Right now I'm happy to feel even the vaguest urge to be vain, because it means I care about something. And that is good enough for me, venial sin or no.

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