Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Redonkulous: part Hogwarts

Had I known I'd be up this late, I would have gone to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter fillum.

Unfortunately I'm working on my algebra. I've got one problem keeping me from moving on. There is no way to advance until I get past this one, and I've to get done before I go to bed.

Oh, btw, my hair looks FANTASTIC today, if not a bit dowdy. I've got it up and it's super comfy (out of my face, off my neck) as well as complementing the shape of my face nicely. I've been missing how my super short hair complemented the shape of my face, this has much the same effect. Yay!

Tomorrow is my last day to gather things for St. Vincent's - Thursday is my last day to pack (although small things I can take anytime before Monday).

I'm so very tired. Looking forward to Saturday evening, when I plan to have a beer and laze about.

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