Friday, July 27, 2007

kicking it schoolmarm style

I've been growing out my hair for at least a year - I think I've cut it once (December), and I sorely need another snip - my hair is a birdsnest and it takes me forever to comb through it. Ugh. I've been having fun putting it back and up, but it is very schoolmarmy. I think cutting out the relaxed bits will make it much more fun to deal with. I'm slow to make hair decisions because I've met oh so many unsympathetic stylists.

One day I'm gonna do something like this:

I found these on, which also led me to Miss Jessies line of product - Curly Pudding? I am so there!

Lot's of inspiration from these two sites to go natural and a little bit shorter with my hair! I hate relaxing it, and I hate all the damage I have in the aftermath.


RioIriri said...

It must be difficult to manage with parts relaxed and parts grown out!

And I hear you about the unsympathetic stylists. It's my hair, dangit! I have a tendency to grow it for months and months, then go and get it hacked off when it's hot out. "But it's so LOOOOONG!" Yes, it'll grow back. Hair does that.

I've gotten so aggravated that I just hack it off myself :)

LavaLady said...

I spent a couple of DIY years cutting my own hair, and in many ways I miss it terribly. Having short hair was so easy!