Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm fat

And in love with Joy Nash, after seeing her Fat Rant (via Kate Harding's awesome blog, Shapely Prose).

Unfortunately, aside from being fat, I have gotten myself into a very bad non-moving-my-body space (depression and isolating don't help),which is exacerbated by the hours upon hours I need to be sitting at the computer each day to complete my algebra assignments.

This morning I was craving pilates, so I put in the Pilates DVD I have and cranked it up to "fully modified", and found out that I have serious pain all over my body. My FEET hurt when I was doing toe exercises. I've been wondering (for more than 3 years) if I might have fibromyalgia - I'll need to talk to a doctor about that at some point.

But now it's some stretching, then some studying, then my midterm - an later, beer and blog talk at the MadInteractive event (bf is on the panel, isn't that cool?).

Anyhow, in honor of the Fat Rant and myself, I'm taking down my weight loss meter at the bottom of the page.

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