Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Up and at them

Oh boy, I am in a stay-in-bed-listening-to-the-birds-chirp mood, but there is no one to make me coffee or bring me something to read.

Had a tree 'fall down' in the back yard, lukcily it was a small one. Bf came over on the weekend and felled it as well as cutting it into pieces. Yesterday afternoon I got the boys to help me take the brush to the front yard (praying they are going to pick it up soon). Like herding cats to get those children to do such a chore. Jeez.

Bf came over for a bit after work and helped me get all of the leaves up (yes, I hadn't finished a lot of autmnal yard work last year). I took a wee break to recharge and mowed the lawn! It's been a long time since I had that much energy - it's exciting to be back. If only I didn't have so much cleaning to do.

Around 9:30 last night started up the flan for my Spanish class party today - it's better the next day of course, but overnight will have to do.

Oh, and for dinner, I had a QUART of organic strawberries. I was only going to have a few but they were perfect and incredibly fragrant and so delicious. It had to be done.

This morning I have to study just a bit, so now that I have coffee, I'm going to sit for a few more minutes and listen to the birds chirp.

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