Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flan, mark II

I made another flan yesterday, and while it was technically more perfect than the last (in a flan ring, for one thing), it was not as sabroso as the one before.


Right now I am enjoying a glass of so-cheap-I'm-a-bit-embarassed merlot and thinking "oh, I should eat dinner, shouldn't I?"

This afternoon I had a wonderful hour of massage from a classmate. She is really talented! I love how she knows about anatomy and how everything fits together.

In other news, I am filled with thwarted desire (oh, were that it was the wine talking), but all is well.

Yes, it's obvious, I need to sup before I drink anymore wine!

Coming soon: Yet another film post. This time I will tell you about "The Lives of Others" and preview the Wisconsin Film Festival schedule.

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