Sunday, January 07, 2007


Last night bf and I visited some friends of his, and came bearing Polish delights:

A bag of potato and cheese pierogi (I helped make them back in December)
A fresh kielbasa link
Some Polish soup in a jar
A jar of tasty carrot/cabbage salad (d'oh, forgot the name)
Tiny egg noodles
Can of obscene yet delicious Bacon and Pork loaf (think Spam with bacon in it, resting in a bed of downy white lard)

Before dinner I got to follow around a SUPER CUTE 3 year old girl and play My Little Pony with her, as well as admire her collection of Spiderman stuff.

After dinner we hung out and watched a Porcupine Tree concert DVD (bf and I saw them play last year the night after they finished a 2 day taping for said DVD), which was great! Porcupine Tree MUST come to WI on their next tour. They put on a great show.

I was falling asleep by the time we took off at 10:30, but a few minutes in the brisk night air woke me up. And I wanted a hamburger. I sold it as a pre-menstrual iron thing, and I feel fairly confident about that, but the dinner was actually quite light. I was hungry. [/rationalization]

Couldn't bring myself to eat at McDonalds, so we stopped at Woody's and picked up a few things. Some ground sirloin, buns, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and some fancy 'natural' french fries... I mixed some seasoned salt and about 1/3 C of the gorgonzola in with the sirloin, then cooked it on relatively low heat while the fries were in the oven. Everything turned out really well, the gorgonzola that didn't dissolve into the pan (note to self, put a layer of cheese *inside* the patty next time) was melted into delicious little pockets in the meat.

We ended up staying up until after 2am watching the final three episodes of Torchwood (BBC Doctor Who spinoff). The last two episodes scared the crap out of me, especially the last one.

I really can't wait to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

More incredibly boring weekend tales can be told, personally very enjoyable moments in my life but not very interesting. Depression and zombification still present, but not winning. I feel better right now than when I posted last.

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