Thursday, January 11, 2007

A vision of Faerie

Pictures I took at Olbrich Gardens at their Holiday Express show (large scale trains and this year Faeire Cottages!). Not enough trains, but the Faerie stuff made up for it. From the Olbrich website:

During Olbrich’s Holiday Express, members of the Wisconsin Garden Railway Society come from all over the state to show off their large-scale model trains. This year the model trains wind through whimsical faerie villages, complete with cottages, churches, and windmills, handmade by local artist Tatiana Katara. All the dwellings are creatively constructed of natural materials. Some houses have birch-bark siding, a chimney made of nuts, dried flower decorations, and bushes made of moss. Visit for more information about the faerie villages featured in the show.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for posting pictures of my show and putting a link up to my site. I appreciate it.