Monday, January 29, 2007

Time to take pictures

Yep, looking over my pictures for 2007, I find that all of them are of stuff my boyfriend needed to take pictures of while his camera is in the shop (okay, there are some shared photos of a great dinner at the Arbat). This means I need to charge the batteries for the camera and start taking some pictures, stat!

In other news, I'm a freak about my school work. Adding up every assignment to see what my letter grade is so far. A's in both classes, whew. I know I'd be happier if I could handle a C (when it comes to math I have to), but I still look at the two B's on my transcript (Music Theory and Psychology) and feel bad. It is in my nature to want A's. Me and Lisa Simpson both. Sigh.

Back to school, I have to practice my speech tonight. It's Fannie Lou Hamer's testimony to the Credentials Committee at the Democratic National Convention in 1964. I have to figure out how long it is and where to cut it! Fun.

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