Saturday, January 06, 2007


I'm in the mood for movies. This week I've seen two in the theater: The Prestige and The Fountain. Both were quite good, and coincidentally starred Hugh Jackman (to much better effect in Fountain than Prestige).

This weekend, perhaps, I'm going to catch Babel or Children of Men. Both look good.

At home this week I watched eXistenZ and 24 Hour Party People, as well as most of the ninth season of The Simpsons. And I read a book by Elmore Leonard.


Midnight-Angel said...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Prestige and it gave Hugh Jackman to show a more tense and darker part of his acting talents and he was excellent in his change of Angier's character from a very happily married man and wonderful show man to an almost cruel, bitter twisted man thanks to his partner and once friend also well played by Christian Bale.

I am unable to see The Fountain as it is not coming to the UK until the end of this month but I think from what I have seen the potental is that his talents reach an even higher level - but how cruelly it was recevied and how few cinemas showed the film. Sort of prouncing a man guilty before his trial.

I have every faith in Hugh Jackman that there will be an Oscar for him. All of his roles whether small or large show each part at its very best and praise from critics and reviews follows.

LavaLady said...

I think you will enjoy The Fountain. Jackman is really amazing in it. Hope it gets to the U.K. soon!

Marianne said...

You should check out "The Illusionist", with Edward Norton. Funny, it was also about a magician. It's based on a short story by one of my favorite writers, Steven Milhauser.

-- Marianne