Saturday, January 27, 2007

blah blah blah

My sleep cycle is messed up, so here I am awake at 2 am instead of sleeping. It's too late and too cold in here to get anything done.

A few weeks ago I started keeping the thermostat set at 60 degrees (F) 24 hours a day. It gets chilly! The gas prices went up again on the first of January, and I can tell with my new bill, so I started at a good time. Since electric is cheaper, I'll likely just run my electric space heater more often. I was thinking of attempting to air dry my clothing too, but that might take way too long. We'll see.

I have tons of homework to do but I can't settle down enough to look at it. I feel so antsy! Difficult to concentrate. It will pass.


Anyhoodle, I haven't baked in a long time, so this morning (closer to sunrise) I'm going to bake. I'm thinking banana bread and some muffins. Berkshire muffins, maybe, because I've got leftover rice I can use in them. Otherwise maybe a batch of something similarly not-too-sweet. I've got some granny smith apples that are awfully tart, perhaps I'll use those in something. Oh, and some carrots just itching to be used up... I have a great recipe for carrot bran muffins!

Ah, I'm so ambitious for someone who can't ever get anything done... Back to the one day at a time plan.

One hour at a time. This hour, this minute, I'm going to get back into bed!

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