Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cheer up, dear.

Oh well. The glee I feel at having dismantled my broken VCR, thereby releasing the library tape stuck within is tempered by the melancholy brought on by watching the wonderful "Vera Drake", about an unassuming woman in London (circa 1950) who is convicted of a felony for 'helping young girls out' by inducing abortions. (oh, no wonder it felt so sad, Mike Leigh directed it!)

I want to holler out my back door and wave a sign around - something about safe, legal, available and affordable abortion.

No more waiting periods.

No more "cooling off" periods.

No more "this is how your baby would develop" lectures.

Just medical care provided to women who need it. Safely, with dignity.

Anyhow, I rec the movie, but it's pretty good at bringing the mood down. Great period costumes and look at social strata...

But I have to say, tearing apart a VCR was quite a bit of fun.

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