Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sigh of relief

I never did find my high school transcripts the other day. I looked all over and got very very upset with myself for being so disorganized (a loser's game, because I am an extremely disorganized person when it comes to my own life).

Then yesterday I noticed one very obvious right in front of my nose place, but didn't investigate.

So just now I turned over that last stone and found my transcript.


The day just keeps getting better.

I went shopping for food at Willy St Coop and splurged on both a container of baba ganoush and one of hummus. Slathered two slices of Nature's Bakery Anadama bread with each, topped with Harmony Valley salad mix, and I am having a happy-making, garlicky, vegetarian sandwich. Lovely.

Earlier I had coffee with my friend G at Electric Earth cafe. I was going to bring my camera and take some pictures (vibrant colours, lots of interesting light), but I was procrastinating as usual. I need to take more pictures! What, besides saying that, will get me to do so?

Now it's finishing all the cleaning I started earlier (chiefly dust bunny banishment and laundry) and getting a handle on the homework I haven't yet done. Tomorrow is school, dealing with admissions, and then HOMEWORK all day. Lots of reading in store.

Tonight it's school open house (with a dinner hosted by the PTO), and The Science of Sleep with bf. Yay!

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